Mercury in Retrograde at present

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Mercury in Retrograde at present

Post by Pem » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:38 pm

Dear Members/Readers
Mercury went retrograde from 05 March and will be until 28 March 2019.
about 3 weeks to put up with its adverse affects. so be tolerant. it is
visible here in London with gusty winds. It is also evident with bursts of
fire and fast moving destroying lives in Brazil and in New Zealand. this is
all the effects of this retrograde motion. Yet some others may have challenges
to their health depending on their ascendant and houses that mercury rules, and
also if it is a functional malefic. So others for whom it is a benefic may not feel
the adverse effects.
This is an interesting phenomenon for everyone to observe and learn from.
The planet of communication has disrupted communication networks in many
I hope you will benefit from this in your study of astrology.
I too am feeling not well from this time, exactly, and under medication as Mercury
is not my best friend.
In all: Mercury is Retrograde, Fallen in sign of Pisces, and now combust being close to Sun.
So as the days pass and by their movements, it will vary the intensity of the effects until,
supposedly, Mercury goes Direct.
Best Regards
Charity Vedic Astrologer

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