Will there be a turning point in my life ? Please help

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Will there be a turning point in my life ? Please help

Post by Shobhit28 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:36 pm

Hi all ,

I am shobhit dixit
DOB - 28/01/1988
TOB - 14:10 pm
POB - Kanpur (Uttar pradesh) India.

My childhood was quite good. We as a family had led above average life. In the early 2000's (dont remember the year exactly) )my father suffered a loss in his business which happened because a relative cheated him. In the year 2009 my younger brother met with an accident and suffered spinal cord injury and is currently paralyzed below chest level. In 2010 my father suffered a heart attack and has been weak since then. In 2014 I entered into a partnership business which didn't go well and suffered huge losses. In 2015 I met with an accident nothing happened to me but a legal court case started because of the accident. In 2018 the partnership ended with huge losses. In 2019 my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer and going through a tough time.
I wanted to know that is there a turning point in my life. Where thing will become normal ?
Who so ever sees my chart says that from 2020 things will improve but i am quite confused about this prediction because of 2 reasons..
1) My rahu is in the 11th house and rahu mahadasha is going for 18 years. It is said that 11th house rahu gives good result that is completely false in my case.
2) Guru mahadasha will begin in 2020 which is in 11th house only and guru is considered malefic for taurus so how is every astrologer saying that guru mahadasha will be good.

Please help me i am going through rahu moon period and it is becoming mentally very challenging to handle any situation.

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