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Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:26 am
by EnochandtheBears
Post your Moon Nakshatra and a bit about your traits, strengths, and experience with it. Please also include if your moon is afflicted and with what so we can gauge the difference between an afflicted moon and a non afflicted moon.Image


Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:44 am
by EnochandtheBears
Excellent post, and a good example of a well aspected Pushya. Mine is much less positive. I'll post mine soon as an edit to this post.


Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:09 am
by EnochandtheBears

I have moon in Mula Nakshatra. Its a interesting placement in that it creates a contradictory temperament. One is drawn towards liberation and the material and made to choose between the two.

Mula is ruled by the shadow planet Ketu in the sign of Jupiter as a result creates many separations from attachments in ones life. Moon here is comforted by unattachment which runs counter to ones material interests. Affliction here acts as a vehicle to liberation because Mula moons attain enlightenment through pain from loss and disappointment and then subsequent release of attachments. Ketu blesses the native with many skills acquired over previous lifetimes however because of this the native is well prepared to deal with life's many challenging circumstances.

The Deity that has lord-ship over Mula is Nirriti, Nirriti is the Goddess of Destruction, Death, and Decay. These things can be positive: destruction of attachments, destruction of unhealthy practices, destruction of evil or they can be negative: destruction of self, destruction of health, destruction of relationships. It depends on the influence to the mind. Mulas rarely put themselves consciously into destructive situations, rather they unconsciously are drawn to them. Since Mulas are generally optimistic in outlook seeing all things under the purview of God, they often times must go through many of the same experiences over again to gain the full understanding of that particular karma. Though they are destroyed rarely is their body effected in a permanent way. As their karma is to be destroyed and grow anew.

I have these aspect in my first house so take that into account as you read this.

:arrow: Saturn will cause self-limiting self-destruction

:arrow: Mars will cause more health, anger, and physical self-destruction

:arrow: Mercury will cause learning about the details about what is unhealthy and healthy.

:arrow: Jupiter will cause growth and expansion from destruction

Mula is rajasic in temperament thus concerned with desires. These desires and their frustration is the path that the mula native walks to achieve awakening as all desires except the desire for the divine are eliminated. It is said that the path of Mula is two-fold one is the path of Ravana the demon king, considered one of the most powerful beings at the time he was ultimately slain by Vishnu in the form of Rama. The other being the path of Hanuman, a loyal server of Vishnu's incarnation in Rama.
In summary one can serve ones interests, or one can serve God.

I have the 4th pada of Mula Nakshatra which is ruled by cancer. This makes the native's mind unstable, while also being sensitive to others on an energetic level. Vacillation of moods is expected here. The native also has a talent to heal people and get to the root of ones dis-ease. Deep insight into the mind is a gift here, but it is again created out of neccesity.

As for aspects:
I have Moon 1st house conjunct Mars, Mercury, Saturn opposite Jupiter in the 7th, Ketu is in Cancer in the 8th house. This is a very complex and afflicted aspect, but in short it creates much strife both external and internal that causes one to need to psycho-analyze ones-self through deep awareness and grow from the experience with a deep understanding. Suffering tends to build up in the mind(saturn conjunct moon) till there is a break(ketu ruled moon)and then attachments are released and a temporary enlightenment is attained. This cycle repeats seemingly till all attachments are revoked. I speculate that the more afflictions to a Mula moon the more karma and attachment one is processing in this life.


Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:16 am
by astro_mania
Hai there
One of my son is pushyami and another is mula. Find my surprise when I found both together!!! Great!!! Thank you.