All, including 'abstract' aspects. Aspect patterns when well understood can give interesting insights not only into inherent dynamics but the ways in which an individual may develop.
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They're those 'sevenths' of the 360 degrees, or 51 deg. 25' 42" (or... 51.4285714185714...) thingies.
Anyway, this Number doesn't fit easily into the 360 degree circle, and is described as 'irrational' or at least, 'indefinable ..."which also gives it the opportunity to become a spiral" (Astrological Aspects - A Process Oriented Approach' by Leyla Rael & Dane Rudhyar, Publisher: ASI Publishers Inc. New York, 1980). (I love these 'definitions' because one can hardly say that anything about this aspect could be 'definite').

Lael and Rudhyar say that this aspect is: '...the key to immortality'. Well, maybe they're right. I don't know.

What I had a thought about occurred to me when I reached the age of 51...and 'menopause' started. (And this is apparently, the 'average' age for this to begin). What I also noticed was that Chiron's orbit is not only erratic (and still isn't classed as either an asteroid or comet), but that it takes about 51 years to complete its orbit.

While it goes through this erratic and stretched out orbit (at least during this era) I can't help but feel that Chiron is connected with the Septile, and possibly also relevant to 'menopause'.

Obviously there is much more about Chiron than 'menopause', such as, for example, that it was 'discovered' around about the same time that 'AIDS' was 'discovered/named'.

All of that aside for a moment, the Septile might well be 'fate/destiny'. But clearly there's a much deeper and wider-reaching meaning.

I would very much be interested in any comments.

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