Many aspect patterns in my chart

All, including 'abstract' aspects. Aspect patterns when well understood can give interesting insights not only into inherent dynamics but the ways in which an individual may develop.
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Many aspect patterns in my chart

Post by Pixels » Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:25 am

  • Hi all!

    This is my first post and wanted to ask about aspect patterns I'm seeing in my natal chart. I am an astrology student and have learned many different ways of astrology but there isn't much "experience" info about the patterns that are made by the aspects. I'll keep mine to only the main planets used, along with the NN & SN, no other points/angles.

    My birth info: Female, December 22, 1971 at 3:20 (poss.
    3:26 at the latest), Long Beach, CA.

    These are the aspect patterns I'm seeing:
    Mystic Rectangle
    Star of David
    Butterfly Wings
    Thor's Hammer (recent find and what initiated me to finally reach out and ask about all of my aspect patterns)

    I'm also open to discussing about my own experience too if anyone has questions for elaboration. I do get some of my patterns but don't get what it may mean having many in my natal chart. I do look at other people's chart but don't see patterns in most, only in a couple so far.

    Thank y'all so very much in advance! I have also signed up for the free astrology course on here and looking forward to meeting others interested in astrology on any level.

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