Transformative relationship...Destined to last ?

Note that synastry requires two charts to be set up and analysed so, before asking, please make sure that this is a serious relationship. This is a free board and our time to respond is limited.
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Transformative relationship...Destined to last ?

Post by Starquest » Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:46 am

Hello, new to this forum, heres' my question :
I am in this relationship for one year now, its been quite heavy for the both of us, bringing a lot of change in our lives, and i would like to know if this relationship is meant to be transitory or there could be a future for us.

From what i understand, the main contacts in our synastry are :

Our respective suns being in inconjunt signs (virgo and aquarius)
Our moons in inconjunct signs as well (capricorn and gemini)
Our ascendant both in fire signs
My uranus square her stellium
Her uranus square my stellium
My moon trine her stellium
My neptune and pluto respectively sextile and trine her sun, mercury and venus
My jupiter conjunct her ascendant
My moon sextile her ascendant
Her moon and neptune conjunct my mideheaven
My saturn trine her midheaven
Her saturn trine my ascendant
Her saturn square my nodes

In our composite we have 2 yods, a rectangle and a T-square (all of them in fairly tight orb), they all seem to be linked and i can't figure out the meaning of what is at stake.

Also, there seems to be a link between nodes and mideheaven in our synastry, but as the orbs being quite loose, i don't know if it's indicative of anything

I have PM you our date & time of birth

Thank you

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Re: Transformative relationship...Destined to last ?

Post by admin » Wed Sep 23, 2020 8:29 am

Hi Starquest,

Please seem my 'pm's' to you.

"Letting there be room for not knowing is the most important thing of all. When there’s a big disappointment, we don’t know if that’s the end of the story. It may just be the beginning of a great adventure". Pema.

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