Psychological Astrology of Babies, Children and Teenagers

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Psychological Astrology of Babies, Children and Teenagers

Post by Noel Eastwood » Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:12 pm

Introduction: ... 306-347405

Four lessons on how to read the chart of babies, children and teenagers presented by Noel Eastwood.

This course introduces beginner and experienced astrologers alike to the issues faced by children and teenagers. In this age we are confronted by the enormous challenge of managing the many psychological and educational disorders of our children. Parents, educators, psychologists and doctors struggle with the delicate issues of diagnosis and treatment of childhood and teenage disorders. Noel Eastwood is a parent, grandparent, ex teacher in both special education and mainstream schools, a school counsellor and psychologist in private practice. He has always been drawn to the esoteric to find answers to the questions we face in this modern world. It was through his study and practice of astrology that he found answers to the questions in his psychotherapy practice: it is written in the stars. This course is designed to help parents, teachers, psychotherapists and astrologers to better understand some of the foundational astrological significators pertaining to human personality. It walks you through an analysis of many case studies and charts that will help you better understand why our children experience challenges at home, school and in the community. It will also allow time for participants to examine and discuss any charts, issues or interests they may have in this field. Every lesson will include case studies and charts to help illuminate the topics of discussion.

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