What to look for romantically

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What to look for romantically

Post by ibraheim718 » Tue Nov 12, 2019 8:47 pm




Brooklyn, ny

Looking for general relationship outlook

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Re: What to look for romantically

Post by Noel Eastwood » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:24 pm

Ibraheim, I've finally found some time to have a look at your chart.

You are an interesting fellow, you are both jovial and happy, charming and outgoing yet you also have a deeper side that sometimes drags you down a bit. You do take life seriously which is good, it means that you understand what others are going through, you have a compassionate and caring nature.

You love life with kids, even though family sometimes gets you down and you are very family orientated, you do want things to be settled so that you can enjoy family life. As for love life it is much the same, you have a big appetite for love both emotional as well as physical. You sometimes get confused between being nice and beiong firm and not giving in. This is difficult no doubt.

There are some powerful planetary aspects here that you might want to explore in meditation. Or you might want to do some counselling with someone who knows a bit about astrology. It will help you to talk and sort things out. I don't see dire horrible things but rather hick-ups in life, we all have them.

Right now you have Mars crossing your Moon, so I'd expect some arguments and stress with your partner for about a week. Mars then crosses through your stellium in the 4th house which will stimulate some soul searching and may be help you think about where you are heading. Mars is not a heavy duty planets like Saturn or Pluto, but he does like to see things happening rather than talked about, he is 'action man'.

You've had Uranus opposing your Moon since early 2017 and he is almost finished pushing your Moon, emotions - and the relationships with your mother and partner. He basically left earlier this year but he has recently re-visited your Moon and frightened you but he only stays around for a while and hardly makes a show now that you've earned your stripes with him. This was about freedom and setting boundaries with the females in your life. I hope you've sorted that out now because after this Uranus moves off to do other things.

So think about some counselling of some sort, not that you really need it but it will help you sort out where you want to go in life.

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