Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

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Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by Deewana » Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:01 pm

What is my purpose of birth ?

I am having health issues and no medicine is working on me no mantras NOTHING

Please help me

+ there is always fight within my family.

I am loosing slowly hope

Should I just give up ?

My details :

Birth day : 20.12.1999

Place of Birth :

Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Time of Birth : 5:29 pm (evening)

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by kaalastro » Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:43 am

i saw your previous posts.. You have trouble with your mind too... why do you think that the only remedy is through pending karma why are you so much obsessed with it....
now coming to your questions..
No the hope should not be losed.
are you having your stomach problem from june 2014 to be exact between 7 to 20 june.
There is a property issue from the time of ancestors because of which some person of low cast or a blood relative has been killed and not properly cremated.. ask and confirm this thing in your family.
you have also eaten something very bad like the food after 13th day of the ceremony , and also there is some one in your ancestor or still in the family who has killed lot of snakes... and there is curse due to that..
first of all please clear these questions ask in your family and answer them.

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by Hamid » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:29 am

1.You do have blessings in your chart.
2.Mercury which represents mind is in your ascendant with 8 bindus.....very powerful.Mercury is lord of the 6th house in kalpurush[natural chart with aries as ascendant]
3.Moon which represents emotions is placed in your sixth house,this gives you these feelings of illness when this placement of moon is combined with the strength of mercury in your chart the problem becomes serious.No medicine will work it a feeling which engulf you.
4.You are a problem for yourself as well as people around you,who are now fed up .
5.Now as time passes and you take more n more medicine the side effects will make you really ill.
6.Through your will power you need to over come these feelings.

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by ViveK123 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 5:25 pm

नमश्शिवाय।/Namaśśivāya|🙏🏻 dear Hamid Ji & deevaana
Hamid wrote:
Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:29 am
2.Mercury which represents mind is in your ascendant with 8 bindus.....very powerful.
Just check the Ascendant sign again. It should be Mithunalagna, but not vṛścikalagna. Moon is exalted but not in Aries in 6th.

Your lagna lord being in 6th & It's in the house of Ātmakāraka Kuja. Since Mercury is in the house of Ātmakāraka, you need to take refuge under Śiva by praying. Since It's budha & the sign is Scorpio you need to pray to viṣṇu. The fact is that there's no difference between them in any sense. When you pray, you got to pray as if the deity is everything.

If you perform pūja to Śivaliṅga, you are doing pūja to viṣṇu as well. As viṣṇu is a part in Śivaliṅga. Pour water, milk, keep bilvapatra, Puṣpa, phala (fruits). Perform abhiṣeka as many times as you can. My suggestion is that you need to do it life long so that, your life will be in harmony.

Listen to viṣṇusahasranāma or chant viṣṇusahasranāma, better to do in temple once you perform Śivaliṅgābhiṣeka. Everything goes/leads finally to Śiva itself.

Your Ātmakāraka is also in dusthāna hence Śivaliṅgābhiṣeka & Śivaliṅga pūja is the must to be done.

PS: It's good to perform some methods as is suggested by Kumār rāo gāru in the following link from your previous posts, It'll help you. When you are really serious about your issues, you can solve it.

Take care.

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by Hamid » Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:19 am

Thank you vivek I made the mistake of AM/PM
Yes Mercury the ascendant lord in the 6th house,this house has high SAV 31 as compared with 26 in the ascendant.This makes the disease dominant on the native.
The karakansa of the functional karak is placed in the 6th house.
The root karak is placed in the 6th house in navamsa chart.
I think he needs to check allergies.

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by Pem » Thu Jun 25, 2020 6:10 am

Hello Deewana
There is no need to giveup; just ask for spiritual strength and guidance
in the right direction.
You are Gemini Asc poorly placed in 6H with dispositor -Mars, now ruling, placed
poorly too in 8H and needing remedy which is present MD ruler.
The Karaka of the 6H - Saturn gives no support as it is fallen in the 11H - which
is also becomes a house of health. So worship to Lord Shani.

You are having food allergies for which you need to consume the right food that
your stomach/small intestines will accept and not reject. This may not be visible
to medical science.
Also, there can be disputes in the family caused by a strong Mars and Rahu/Ketu ruling
at this time.

Check your food and do remedies to the said planets above.

Pls check the link below my signature for guidance.
Do them faithfully and you will bounce back.

Charity Vedic Astrologer

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by Deewana » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:46 am

@Pem Sir,

Should I chant the mercury mantra 4000 times at once ?

Because I tried the mercury beej mantra Om bum budhaye namaha for 84 days and it didn‘t help me.

Please guide me

Thank you so much


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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by Pem » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:56 am

Mantras for Mercury, Mars and Saturn - daily 9 times each at your mandhir with diya
until the target is reached. Pls see my link below signature for guidance.
Charity Vedic Astrologer

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by kumrao99 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 1:02 am

Your lagna is Midhuna.
Lagna is vacant.
Lagna owner is in 6th house..
It indicates that you are prone to diseases.
Neecha(debilitated)Sani is seeing Lagna.
It also indicates serious bad karma from
previous life.
There is serious evil due to Parivartan yoga
between Sani and kuja(between 8 and 11th houses).

Moon in 12th house indicates bad karma from previous life.

Mantras will work only when your body is pure.
You can clean your body by doing penance for one year.
Read articles on penance by typing in google-
kumrao99 penance method..


A person has to do penance to reduce negativity of planets.
When you are facing problems in life,it means that some planets are
bad in your horoscope.

Please type the following words to read articles on penance.

Negative influence of planets may be due to your bad karma of
your previous lives.
It may also be due to the cumulative effect of bad karma of
your father and forefathers and also from mother’s side ancestors
upto seven generations.
Hindu texts on Dharma say that an individual carries in his
body the sins of ancestors of his father and mother,upto seven
generations..It is called the specific genes and dna of the individual.

Your horoscope is your DNA or genes.

Most peope will have bad periods in their lives,because of
bad karma at birth.
Souls will take birth in such families where
their previous life karma matches with the sins of their would be parents.

Penance method.—-
Pranic energy or divine energy or quantum energy is spread throughout the universe.Every individual contains a minute quantity of that pranic energy. Pranic energy is small bundle of divine force inducted into the body in the second month of pregnancy.
This pranic energy enables you to breathe throughout life and gives energy to heart,liver,lungs and kidneys to function until you die.Death occurs when pranic energy is exhausted. Kundalini is a bundle of nerves at base of spine.Bad karma spoils kundalini.
Bad placement of planets in horoscope leads to financial and health problems.For health problems,3 or 6 monthspractice is sufficient..For financial or other problems,12 or24 months practice of penance is necessary.YOu have to do penance for 12months,to removethe negativity in horoscope.
Methods of penance—

5A-Meditation–Meditation does not mean sitting
calmly with closed eyes.
Lord Siva stood under waterfalls and meditated
for days and months in Himalayas.
That is why people say Ganga is on his head.
You have to meditate by sitting under a shower
(in bath room)for 15mins or 30 mins,as per your capacity.
While sitting under a shower,you can chant a mantra which
you like ,so as to get 10 times more effect than ordinary
chanting in prayer room.
This method should not be followed in places where
the climate is very cold..

5B-Mediatation(chanting mantra)=2nd type==
Hanuman was carrying a mountain,while flying
in air.He brought a mountain which carries
life saving herb for king Lakshmana.
You fill a cotton bag with clothes weighting 3 kgs.
Then you sit and raise your hands up towards sky
and now carry the bag on your hands like a weight
lifter.In that posture,while carrying the load on your
head,you meditate or chant mantra for 2 mins or 3mins.
Take rest for 4 or 5 mins by throwing load by the side
and bringing down the hands.Massage your hands.
Then again lift the bag load again into air and
repeat meditation or chanting mantra.

You repeat the above method 3 or 4times in the morning
and also evening.In ancient times ,sages used to carry a
stone.But that is dangerous.Stone may fall on your head.

5c-Third method =In this method,closing eyes is not necessary.
Practising this pose is itself sufficient.It is half inverted pose.
You practise Downward facing dog pose (or adho mukha svanasana) in internet. you will get it.

In the Down dog pose,you can make it more effective,by lifting one leg into air,
So,two hands and two feet will be on the ground.You lift one leg into air and stay
like that for one minute.Then you bring down that leg,now lift second leg into air,
and stay like that for one minute.This is an improvement of Down dog pose.
see the photo in google by typing these words===/poses/downward-facing-dog

Now take 3mutes practise =single leg downward dog pose=
see it in internet.

6.Avoid cooked food and salt in the nights.You can eat
unlimited quantity of uncooked vegetables.
Try to eat night meal before 6.30pm.

7.You can do sex only once in 40days.
People above 40years,can do sex once in 2 months.
People above 50 years can do sex once in 3 months.
Your semen is your God.If you lose your semen,
your punya or purity is gone.
So,long gap is necessary between one sex and
next sex act.

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Re: Chronic illnesses (Should I just give up ?)

Post by Buddy » Thu Jul 02, 2020 6:49 am


The purpose of any life-form is to indulge consciously, unconsciously and sub-consciously in it's Soul's journey - for an Atma to submit completely and become part of Paramatma. make an earnest effort and strive towards the natural progression of In my humble opinion,

I've had a chance to cast your birth-chart and observe planetary positions and their conditions. Below are a few notes that are relevant for your situation and this thread:
1. Udaya Lagna is placed in Mithuna Rasi and posited in the Lunar constellation of Mrigashira Nakshatra, ruled by Mars/Kuja - he happens to be a nasty Roga-Karaka, more so since he is exalted in his Uccha-Sthana of Makara Rasi and shares space with Ketu.
2. Lagna Lord and 4th lord Mercury/Budha is placed in the 6th (Roga-Sthana) house of Vrischika Rasi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Jyestha Nakshatra, ruled by himself.
3. Moon/Chandra, the 2nd lord and a critical pillar is exalted in the 12th house of Vyaya/Losses and/or Hospitalizations. Although a saving grace for the badly afflicted 2nd house of home/family, he is contributing to the 12th house significance -as is the 12th lord Venus/Shukra, who is strongly placed in his Swasthana and Moola-Trikona of Tula Rasi.
4. Sun/Ravi the other critical pillar is placed in Dhanur Rasi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Moola/Mula Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu. Although his presence is a bit of a saving grace for the 7th house significance, 7th lord being caught in deep Gandanta in Mesha Rasi and posited in Ashwini Nakshatra, ruled again by Ketu is not a good sign - no doubt 7th house is badly afflicted. By the way, Ketu is in Mrityu Bhaga and within Trimsamsa degree.
5. No doubt your previous Maha-Dashas of Sun/Ravi, Moon/Chandra and Roga-Karaka Mars/Kuja have been quite testing/taxing. You've recently started Rahu Maha-Dasha. Rahu is placed in Karaka Rasi and posited in the Lunar Constellation of Pushya Nakshatra, ruled by Saturn/Shani-dev (being placed in his Neecha-Sthana or debilitation sign of Mesha Rasi) - who seems to have lost steam witnessing both Deva Guru and Dhanava Guru, in trouble.

In my humble opinion, although seemingly easier ways out of difficult situations (again seemingly) exist - personally, I don't think they are really viable options. Further, you've started your query with a loaded question - one could talk or write pages answering that simple question. Now, if I may... I think the purpose of your life is to accept your Karma and bravely live your life, like you've done thus far. In other words, giving up is not really a good option - living and facing the odds bravely, is the right way forward.

That said, it might not be a bad idea for you to consider seeking help/guidance from knowledgeable experts for Vedic/Dharmic remedies for relief.

Good luck and best wishes...

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