Am I Wearing Gemstones Suitable For Me?

Please do not give advice here unless you are well-versed in this area.
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Am I Wearing Gemstones Suitable For Me?

Post by mcmsinger » Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:24 pm

My date of birth is April 2, 1990. Time of birth is 5:50AM (Recorded in Hospital). Place of birth is Mineola, New York, USA. My gender is male.

I am currently wearing 4 gemstones. All the gemstones are natural untreated and all of them are very good quality as well with sufficient carat weight as well. They have been bought from a very well-trusted source with lab certification that has been verified as well.

1) Diamond For Venus
2) Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter
3) Emerald for Mercury
4) Blue Sapphire for Saturn

Are any of these gemstones harmful to me? (I knew I should have asked this before I bought them but didn't know that gemstones can also harm. )

Is this combination of gemstones bad? Should some of them be eliminated?

Which gemstones would you recommend for me? And also their substitute gemstones for affordability?

Next time I guess I will go to reputable trustworthy credible and very much experienced vedic astrologer before picking out gemstones without proper guidance and trying to self-diagnose.

I will say however that before I had these gemstones. I was suddenly having a lot of problems with driving. I got into a small car accident. I got a very expensive speeding ticket and fine. As soon as I started wearing this combination of 4 of these gemstones, I had less problems with driving. I started driving more safely, more calmly, less road rage and being more cautious.

Just recently one day, I forgot to wear 4 of my gemstones. On that day, I got pulled over by a cop because he suspected I was on a cell phone. (I wasn't) And I told him he can search my car and me to see that he will not find a cell phone at all. He gave me a $200 dollar ticket though for having a air freshener on my rearview mirror.

All this on the day I forgot to wear my gemstones and all they other driving problems when I did not have any gemstones.

Coincedence? I THINK NOT! So far, this has made me a believer in the power of gemstones and that they can have powerful effects.

Other subtle effects I noticed from this combination: Less depressed, more willing to forget about the past, care less about what others think and slightly more motivated to work. A little bit more discplined. Better at controlling anger. Feel life is beatiful.

I didn't instantly become a millionaire or have money instantly make it's appearance to me. But I did notice those other effects I mentioned and defiantly believe that although they cannot make one instantly wealthy, they do have a power and effect along with it's obvious limitations.

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