Success/Negative Stories of Gemstones

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Success/Negative Stories of Gemstones

Post by mcmsinger » Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:53 am

NOTE: This topic is NOT a debate about whether gemstones work or not. It is simply posting your personal success, experience or negative results of using gemstones. Do NOT get into a debate that "gemstones don't work". Simply share your experience, success or negative results of using gemstones.

I would like members to post their success stories, positive or negative results and experiences of using gemstones.


1) what gemstone you used?

2) Was it natural? Synthetic? Untreated?

3) Carat Size?

4) Worn as ring, pendant or simply placed in pocket/purse? Did it touch your skin? Did you take it off or leave it on at all times?

5) What effect did it have while you wore it (Positive or Negatives)? How strong was it? How long did it take for the effects? Did it effect others around you? How long did it take to effect others around you? When you stop wearing the gemstone, what happened with the effects? Did you life get better or worse?

6) Was the gemstone you wore properly prescribed to you by a competent and skilled astrologer? Or Was the gemstone a wrong prescription and unsuitable for your chart?

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