What gemstones will benefit me - beginners

Please do not give advice here unless you are well-versed in this area.
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What gemstones will benefit me - beginners

Post by Punkers » Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:25 am


today my friend showed me a healing crystal Phenacite With Seraphinite and i cant believe the energies i felt from it (it was a little bigger then a penny and cost 200$), like tingles in my head and shoulder and just total clarity. almost like the sensation of asmr if you are familiar.

I have no healing crystals or gemstones currently because i am not knowledgeable on them. which ones are beneficial for my charts?

Please let me know because I want to run out and buy some right now if they make me feel that way! I cant wait to meditate with them!

Thanks so much!

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thank you

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Re: What gemstones will benefit me - beginners

Post by astrovidhi » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:33 pm

This article is very beneficial for the peoples because through this article they know the importance of gemstone. If you want to know about gemstone first, you have some little bit knowledge of astrology and about your rashi because rashi will help to get the benefits of <a href="http://www.astrovidhi.com/product/Gemst ... emstone</a> or you have another option to get the benefit of gemstone to consult an astrologer who have good knowledge about gemstone & rashi or kundli.

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