Bounds to when the ages began.

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Bounds to when the ages began.

Post by James Strom » Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:28 am

While perusing the internet for information on when the zodiacal ages began I became frustated by a lack of any good information out there. The best I could get was that they last for about 2,150 years with sometime around 1 AD as the base year. Almost no information was available about when the Sun was in the various signs at the spring equinox. Thanks to Alberto Monteiro's Science Fiction Tools webpage and Patrick Moore's Astronomy Data Book I was able to calculate when these events happened.
Below is a table of when the stars of the various zodiacal signs are at 0 hours Right Ascension. The stars chosen are at the edges of the constellations and can therefore be used to determine the limits of when an age began or ended. The alpha star is also included. Note that many times the constellations overlap one another with Aries being completely enveloped by Pisces. Usually there is a lot of room for deciding when an age begins or ends. That is up to you.
0=1 BC,-1=2 BC, etc.

Year Star

-10639 Upsilon
-7736 Alpha
-7634 Lamda

-7736 Alpha
-7229 Beta

-6051 Kappa
-5583 Alpha
-4524 1

-4145 Zeta
-3172 Alpha
-1996 Xi

-386 Alpha
-160 Gamma

-417 Alpha
2839 Gamma

2624 Psi
4245 Alpha
4893 Beta

4725 Delta
6249 Alpha

6159 Iota
6670 Alpha
8293 Mu

8167 G
9758 Alpha
10403 Beta

10332 Tau
11680 Alpha

12328 Mu
13128 Alpha
15462 Nu

The "best fit" starts to the ages are given here. Just because they're precise doesn't mean they're accurate! Adjust at will.

Leo -10488
Cnc -7685
Gem -6640
Tau -4334
Ari -1996
Psc -160
Aqr 2732
Cap 4809
Sgr 6204
Sco 8230
Lib 10368
Vir 12004

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